In this industry there’s two typical paths on what kind of jobs you want to perform. These are the pros and cons to working in such jobs.

You can work in ad agencies, design firms where the deadline is king. These places are full of creatives who will push you to be at your best and help you learn. At the same time, working for places like this can be quite consuming both in time and mentality. You will be expected to work to make deadlines, that means extra hours into the night, and even into the weekend. Meetings in China? Yea that means a late night for you. Art Directors have been there and done that and they want perfection from you.

Working in house for a company as a graphic designer is a little different. You’re probably going to be working as part of the marketing division where you would do email blasts, upkeep their website, etc. You might be one of a few or even working by yourself. There isn’t going to be a lot of feedback on your work, as most people around you won’t know good design from bad. You will be working on the same thing most of the time. However, the upside is that most offices are regimented and there is a set 9-5 hour, leaving you to know what to expect. It is not as fast paced, and you can actually clear your mind when you get home instead of worrying about the project you have waiting at the office.

I hope this gives some insight, this is of course not the only paths you can take as a graphic designer but the two most common.