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Hello everyone,

The past couple of months have been tumultuous to say the least. Long story short, I’m now working for a magazine publishing house after a good recommendation from a friend, which is a reason to always make new connections and to cherish ones that you’ve already got.

I want to share with y’all a few resources I’ve stumbled upon while researching a things for my work.
Things ranging from website design process, how to get a step ahead of your competition when it comes to finding clients,

The making of the Pulkovo Airport website
The first resource being a website that shows the process of creating a website. There’s plenty of sites and books about creating logos or brands but stepping into website design is completely new and foreign to me. Check it out, and there’s more examples once you click on the homepage.


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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Even though I don’t have a full time position I’ve been freelancing and it’s equated to full time work. Sigh.

Anyways crossing my finger on getting a full time position soon so I can somewhat have an organized working schedule.

I have learned a lot however. Upcoming posts include some of the freelance tips and tricks I’ve gathered. So stay tuned!